Cloud Computing

The Cloud has changed the conversation about technology and how we look at information, security, and performance. IT options previously only accessible to large enterprises are now accessible by small-businesses and even start-ups. Navigate the hype and leverage the Cloud to accelerate your business technology solutions.

Infrastructure Modernization

Ensure your IT hardware and networking infrastructure are working at peak performance. Apply data-center best practices to provide fault-tolerance, consolidate hardware, and maintain security. When ready, transition your enterprise to public or hybrid cloud alternatives.

Data Visualization

Drawing meaning from data has long been a challenge for businesses small and large alike. The traditional rows and columns of spreadsheets are great for organization, but often hide underlying connections and correlations. Draw new insights from your data through advanced visualization tools, often without developing custom-coded solutions.

Workflow Management

Streamline business processes and eliminate duplication with technology-assisted workflow management. Represent complicated business processes visually and keep team members informed with real-time alerts and notifications for tasks.

Collaboration Tools

Keep your team communicating and ensure their best ideas are always captured. Collaboration tools from basic email management and corporate knowledge portals, to real-time on-demand video-conferencing, enhance your team’s productivity.

Information Assurance

Keep your critical business information safe from both internal and external threats. Employ enterprise-grade defenses at multiple levels to ensure only those who should have access do have access – all while not sacrificing team effectiveness.


Government Sector

Secure cloud computing architectures  |   Cloud ERP migrations   |   Machine-Learning and data analytics insights   |   Situational awareness and big-data analytics platforms

Our Technology Director

20 Years of Technology Innovation   |   AWS Certified Solutions Architect   |   M.S. Technical Management - Johns Hopkins   |   Cloud, Linux, Windows, Architecture, Security

Commercial Sector

Industry IT security compliance   |   Real-Time GPS fleet management systems   |   Engineering team workflow and collaboration systems   |   Online Presence and Marketing

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